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Radio Drama:Galaxy Madness(ギャラクシー・マッドネス)台本3

Episode 1の台本 | Episode 2の台本 | Episode 3の台本

JDUが2005年に制作したラジオドラマ”Galaxy Madness”の台本です。

Galaxy Madness - Episode 3

Theme music

(Narrator) Princess Bon bon came to christchrch from planet fung-pee to save her planet. There were getting too toxic by the gases and her people were in great danger of dying out completely if she didn't find a cure soon… Evil queen Vasti is hell-bent on finding her because her country fung-pee is famous for golden cookie times. It will give you long life over 500years. Super hero roydo-bando saved princess bon bon. She's safe at the moment.

Anyway, They are at North hagley park.

(Bon bon) How can I thank you roydo-bando!

(Roydo-bando) Not a problem. But.. Do you really have the.. Biscuit?

(Bon bon) You mean golden cookie times?

(Roydo-bando) Yes.

(Bon Bon) It is our national treasure on fung-pee. I can't bring it to another planet.. My superiors always warned me of that!

(Roydo-bando) Oh, I see.

(Bon bon) but actually, I broght it to christchurch.

(Roydo-bando) oh, I see... you have golden cookie times?

(Bon Bon) Smaller voice please!! (in small voice) yes, I have!

(Roydo- bando) O…OK. I think you should return it to your country before vasti finds you.

(Bon bon) No, I can't! My country is in a toxic gas crisis... I have to find cure!

(Roydo-bando) that's why you came here christchrch. (roydo-bando thinking)Toxic gases, toxic gases… fung-pee… Yes!!! I think It'll work for your country!!

(Bon Bon) wow! What's the idea?

(Roydo-bando) I can help you. Wait a second.

(Narrator) He takes out his mobile phone and rings…

-SFX ringing sound-

(Roydo bando on the phone) Hello! Excuse me, We'd like to book a Scenic Flight for Two people….Yes, to Lake Tekapo. How much does it cost? Humm..$420doller each! Wow..the fees have certainly gone up from 2003... OK, ..yes, yes, great! ..thanks, bye!!

(bon bon) What?! Did you book an expensive Scenic Flight?! Why?!

(Roydo bando) Calm down little princess! Lake takapo's water is holy it posesses special powers that are a secret known only to super heroes such as myself!

(bon bon) COOL!!!! I'll bring some of that Lake takepo holy water back to fung-pee!!


(Narrator) They arrived at Lake tekapo. South of christchrch.

(bon bon) The flight was amazing! I really enjoyed it.

(Roydo bando) Hahaha.. We used money from vasti's wallet.-and we got some fly-bys thrown for free! So Don't worry about flight fee.

(bon bon and Roydo bando are chatting) "hahaha…" "did you see the glacier?" "I saw mt.cook!""tip top"

(Narrator) the scenic flight was romantic, they transcended another world…

(Roydo bando) but we can't forget your duty princess bon bon!

(bon bon) yes! Get the holy lake tekapo water!

-mysterious back music start-

(Vashti) Wait!!!

(Roydo bando and bon bon) Vashti!

(Narrator) Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... dreadful Evil queen Vashti is standing on the rock at the milky blue lake.

(Vashti) I'm not afraid of you roydo bando this time!! Give me my wallet and golden cookie times!

(Roydo bando) OH We used that money!

(Vashti) What!! You guys are thieves!!

(Roydo bando) You too!!

(Narrator) Roydo bando flashes a beam of light from his eye.

(Roydo bando) Eye bea----m!!

-SFX eye beam -

(Vashti) ouch!!! you mean eye beamer!!!!!!!!!!

-SFX into the water-

(Narrator) Vashti is thrown back into the water by the power of the beam! and disappears under the water.

(Vashti) No! this water is too holy for me… Oh my body!! Help ! Help!!

(Narrator) Vashti disappeared but, using an old party trick, turned into a real Japanese tourist,who looked surprisingly innocent and…dare we say it…rather nice!!

(Vashti(innocent) Oh… I feel dizzy.. Where am I? who am I?!

(Roydo bando)You look a lot like that Japanese tourist "Miss bishi".

(Bon bon) But her darkness mojo has gone out of her body-Lake tekapo has made her a good person!

(Roydo bando)Excellent! Let's bring back this holy blue water to fung-pee!!!

(Bon bon) Yes my darling muffin pikelet mixture!!

(Roydo bando) what?! You called me darling?!

(Narrator) The holy water by lake Tekapo cleansed Planet fung-pee. Super hero Roydo bando and princess bon bon saved the beautiful Planet from eternal stench!! And so the Legend of Roydo bando came through once more and the city of christchurch breathed again…until the next time that is...