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Radio Drama:Galaxy Madness(ギャラクシー・マッドネス)台本2

Episode 1の台本 | Episode 2の台本 | Episode 3の台本

JDUが2005年に制作したラジオドラマ”Galaxy Madness”の台本です。

Galaxy Madness - Episode 2

Theme music

(Narrator) Princess Bon bon came to christchrch from planet fung-pee to save her planet. Her people are getting poisoned by toxic gases and are in great danger of dying out completely if she doesn't find a cure soon… But scary queen Vashti kidnapped her. They are in the cathedral and it's completely locked. Super hero Roydo-Bando is trying to help her.

-SFX pushing door-

(Narrator) Roydo-Bando is trying to open the Cathedral door.

(Roydo-bando) No…! The door is completely closed!! I have to use THAT ITEM…!!

(Narrator) He gets black jelly beans from his pocket. This is one of his special items!!

(Roydo-bando) yum yum … I got extra energy!!

(Narrator) When he take special black jelly beans, he can super high jump only once.

-SFX high jump-

(Narrator) He jumped as high as possible, arriving at the roof of the cathedral.

(people at cathedral square) Look at that!! Super hero Roydo-Bando!!!

(people) "wow yes he is!" "COOL!!" "that was a super jump! Did you see?"

(Narrator) Roydo bando waves his hand

(Roydo-bando) Thank you guys! However, I have to go.


-Mysterious Back music-

(Narrator) Princess bon bon is locked in cathedral by scary queen Vashti.

(Vashti) Give me Golden cookie times!!

(Bon bon) I don't have any!

(Narrator) the stained glass is shaking in the wind, and it is a mysterious atmosphere.

(Vasti) Tell me where Golden cookie times is!! Or else eat this poison mushroom!!!

(bon bon says to herself) Oh, I have a mobile phone. OK, call 111… Vasti, Don't notice me…

(Vasti) Tell me about golden cookie times!!!

(narrator) Luckily Roydo-bando had rather substantial telepathic powers (not to mention a masters degree in telecommunication, which was handy), and so tapped Bon bon's cry for help into the city's mainframe, so her 111 call connected quickly...

(Vasti) I know your people live a long time!! Over500years… I want long life by eating golden cookie times…

(Bon bon) That's why you kidnapped me!

(Vasti) your country fung-pee is famous throughout the galaxy for its magic cookies.. They are so delicious too!!

- Kind of super hero back music start-

(roydo- bando) Wait!!! No more stupid things evil queen vasti! I am Roydo- Bando!!!

(Vasti) OH no!! The super hero!!!

(roydo-bando) Yes!!!!! It's me!!!! And I'm gonna take you down, you daughter of a motherless goat!!!!

(Bon bon) Help me roydo-bando!!

(vasti) no-!! I'm sorry this is all the money I have. I leave it for you. Hahaha… See ya soon!!

(Narrator) Vasti was so afraid of Roydo-bando and she left her wallet and ran away.

(Bon bon) wow … you saved me, you handsome awesome super hero Roydo-Bando!!!

(Roydo- bando) humm.. What happened.. Maybe she was too weak for me, anyway, You are safe at the moment. But be careful, I am sure she'll appear quite soon.

(Narrator) Next morning, "Roydo bando saved girl at cathedral" article written by "The press'" head lines news. Evil queen is afraid of super hero roydo- bando, but she is still gunning for princess bon-bon. can bon bon find a cure for her country and conquer the evil? Wait for final episode!!