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Radio Drama:Galaxy Madness(ギャラクシー・マッドネス)台本1

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JDUが2005年に制作したラジオドラマ”Galaxy Madness”の台本です。

Galaxy Madness - Episode 1

Theme music

-SFX cathedral bell ringing -
-SFX noise of cathedral square -

(Narrator) One fresh morning, in the year 2017...

(Bon bon) " I am Bon Bon- I am over 18 years old. I came to Christchurch for a holiday. Hmm… I like this city♪-you have air here …it's very nice!" Well…that's what I will tell anyone that asks!

(Narrator) Actually, She was the star princess of Planet Fung-pee…an inter-stellar galaxy 23 light years away from Hereford Street….

(Narrator) She escaped from Fung-pee because the gases there were getting too toxic, and her people were in great danger of dying out completely if she did'nt find a cure soon...

(Bon bon) My superiors always warned me "Don't go out by your self" they're too strict on me.! I am already over 18!!! (bonnie giggle) I gotta explore!!!

(Narrator) Suddenly, from her secret hideout, a hideously evil queen, called Vashti, spies Bon Bon from afar and, using her special powers, appears before her as an innocent young tourist, confused in the city...

(Vashti) Excuse me, Do you know where the Japanese tourist centre is?

(Bon bon) I am sorry I don't know, I just got here.

(Narrator) Actually they were travelling in a north-west vector, quadrant, zone 3...

(Vashti) Oh really, I have no sense of direction..

(Bon bon) (thinking to herself) she looks same age as me, perhaps she'll be a good friend!

(narrator) Actually Bon Bon is 900 in earth years…but that's not important right now...

(Bon bon) OK, We can look for the place together!!

(Vasti) Wow thank you!!! Call me ..er..Miss Subishi! What is your name?

(Bon bon) I am bon bon. Nice to meet you! Are you Japanese?

(Vashti) Yes!! Let's go!!

-SFX walking-

(Bon bon and Vashti are chatting) Hahaha.. KONNeech e wah! Ali gATOo! TIPTOP!


(Bon bon) This is Hereford street… It must be near here!

(Vashti) Can I see the map?

(Bon bon) hey, there is a police man! We can ask him!!

(Bon bon and Vashti) Excuse me!!!

(police man(roydo-bando)) Good day mate! Can I help you?

(Vashti) We are looking for the Japanese tourist centre!!

(police man(Roydo-bando) oh that is just over there!

(Bon bon) thank you!

(police man(roydo- bando)) Wait, hummm… your eyes are turning purple… What's the matter little asian girl?

(Bon bon) yeah, your eye color is strange..

(vashti) oh.. Its… Nothing!! I.. Ah.. Just couldn't sleep last night.

(Royd suspect) YOU LOOK LIKE. . . !!

(vashti) AHHH! I didn't finish my homework yet!!! I gotta go!! See you..

(Narrator) She's gone

(Bon bon) wow what's wrong with her?

(police man(roydo-bando)) Be careful of that woman.. She's not a just an asian girl. I think She's kind of… not human.

(Bon bon) What? You're pulling my leg?

(police man(roydo-bando)) I am serious… Can you check your wallet?

(Bon bon) What do you mean? My wallet??? … Oh no, I had plenty of money, but there is no money now!!

(police man(roydo-bando)) That's it! There's many pickpockets in christchurch now. The criminals are after money and cookies.

(Bon bon) Cookies?!


(Narrator) Vashti is standing on the ANZ roof, and she murmers a strange spell under her breath

-SFX strange sound-

(roydo- bando) WATCH OUT!!!

(Bon bon) Kyaa (car)-----=!!!

(Narrator) Bon bon is flying toward to Vashti. And Vashti got her, and is flying away into cathedral.

(Roydo- bando) OH my goodness!!! I have to wear my special mask.

(Narrator) Yes, He is a super hero called "loydo-bando"!!

(Roydo-bando) Wait for me little girl!!


Mysterious back music

(Vashti) I have taken over the cathedral!!! No one can enter here. Only you and me.

(Bon bon) What?! You aren't a tourist?!

(Vashti) If you just give me "GOLDEN COOKIE TIMES", I won't hurt you.

(Narrator) Vashti is floating a little bit above the floor. And looks scary.

(Bon bon) HELP ME!!!

(Roydo-bando) Oh no, the door is completely closed…

-SFX pushing door-

(Narrator) Princess bon bon should've had a successful mission, but it's turned into big trouble. Can our super hero roydo-bando help the poor kidnapped princess?! Wait for next episode!!