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July 2007, 150th Broadcast

We wanted to celebrate our 150th show, so the mood was more exciting than usual and we had three guests for this special occasion.

We talked about which is better, Vegemite or Marmite!
Loyal to Marmite, Kiwi Paul Spoke passionately about its yumminess and health benifits.


Recording "How to Shoot Better Video" Episode 1

Robert, who has 25 years of experience making videos, taught a lesson for beginners about how to shoot better video.

We learned many practical tips.


February 2006, Recording Interviews in Incheon Airport, Korea

Ken Akiba, creator of the website "New Zealand Tramping Hot Spring Info," talked about "tramping for beginners."
As it happened, we flew to Christchurch on the same airplane, so I decided to interview him during our lay over in Korea.
We only had one hour to talk, but it was all right.


Interviewing Volunteer Teachers in English Class 

For our 123rd broadcast, we asked volunteer teachers about their classes, and they gave us hints on how to improve English.


The "NZ Douchu Hizakurige" Segment 

Naoko and Rieko spoke to Hiro from the Japanese restaurant Yoshi about a bizarre trip they took.

We wish we could say this segment had been recorded as professionally as this studio photo looks... 



But actually... It was recorded at Hiro's house. As you can see in this second picture, we used a toilet paper roll for a mic stand!

It was surprisingly stable!


After talking to Hiro, we went to the backyard to take photos of ourselves holding the sign for the then soon-to-be-opened Yoshi.


Naoko was Interviewed by Nicki of the PLAINSFM Programme, "Mornings." 

I told an amusing story and spoke about life in New Zealand.


Interview about High School Life as a Foreign Student in Christchurch

In our 106th broadcast, Kanako told us about the differences between high school in NZ and Japan.

She also spoke about funny experiences on a farm stay.

Throughout the interview I could sense her love for New Zealand.


Interview with American Tourists in Japan

We had three guests from the USA.

I was surprised that one of them was wearing a Japanese junior high school uniform.

He'd gotten it from his Japanese friend and it looked good!



Recording "How to Take Better Photos with a Digital Camera"

Professional photographer Sachiko is cheerful, so we had fun recording this segment.

I later received a letter from a listener who was suspicious that Sachiko was an imaginary photographer being voiced by me in the studio. But no! As you see in the picture, she is the teacher! 


Recording the Radio Drama "Galaxy Madness"

This is a fantasy comedy that takes place in Christchurch.

It's the first time we made a radio drama in English.

We'd like to make a sequel to this story!


Recording the "Naked Fact Talk Show" Segment

For our 98th broadcast, Hiro told a funny story about garlic from his home garden.

We talked in my room.


On-the-Spot Interview, Episode 2

In February 2005, we again attempted an unscheduled weekend interview at The Arts Center of Christchurch.

Rumi told us about a humiliating experience in Auckland.



Shortly After the 92nd Broadcast

It was the first time I tried everything (talking and production) at the same time by myself.

I felt especially nervous about making mistakes.

Despite it being late at night, Nicki was next to me during the show.


12th Broadcast - Our First Live On-the-Air Broadcast

Our hearts were still racing with excitement after the live programme.


Recording Interviews

Two guests talked about dangerous experiences in NZ.

One story, about a shady hitchhiked ride, was especially interesting.


Debate about Snacks in Japan and Korea with Two Koreans and Three Japanese

For our 8th broadcast, we talked about which are better: Snacks in Japan or snacks in Korea.

As you can see in the picture, there are some Korean snacks on the table.

We ate them all shortly after the recording.


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