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Radio Drama:Himeko's loving school(姫子のラビングスクール)



Himeko's loving school - Episode 3

Theme music

Narrator: Himeko came here as an exchange student. She goes to a language school in
Christchurch where she has fallen in love at first sight with blond-haird Handsome Teacher
Bob. Her powerful arch enemy, Erika, is also trying to win the love of Bob.
However Himeko also met a good looking Japanese guy called Shinji and got very busy life.

Himeko: (Pleading to famous Japanese robot character Doraemon)
Ahhhh!! I want a blond-haired boyfriend Doraemon!! But my Home Room teacher Handsome
Bob is blond too!! This must be my destiny!!

Narrator: The next morning...

SFX: bird chirp chirp
Homestay Dog Naughty John barks

Himeko: Ohhh get away from me John!!

Naughty John: Growls and tries to bite her

Himeko: Ha!! You missed!! You're dangerous John!!

SFX: Karate Chop!!
Naughty John: cries out


SFX: door opens

Himeko: Good morning!

Classmates: Good morning!! (murmer murmer)

Shinji: Hi Blue Panty Woman!!

Himeko: Ahh!! You do go on. My name is Himeko. Hi-me-ko!!

Shinji: It's just a joke Hi-me-ko!!(he laughs) I've really enjoyed making fun of you lately!!

SFX heartbeat "doki doki doki"

Himeko (thinking to herself); He's like a child this man...somehow..I don't know why but I can't
get angry with him...is it because he's so handsome? Oh no!! Teacher Bob is much more handsome
than him. Shinji's like a speck of dust on the road compare to him.

Erika: (her arch enemy)
Good morning Himeko - how are you? (she giggles)
I've got a feeling something good is going to happen - like someone who gets on my nerves is
going to disappear!! (giggles again)

SFX : shock Da da da dummmmm

Himeko: Wow - this woman is really suspect...she looks like she uses dangerous magic- oh
dreadful stuff...(Himeko murmers a Buddhist spell under her breath)

Narrator: Here's Himeko's classroom.

SFX: classroom noise, door opens, harp plays

Handsome Teacher Bob: Good morning.

Everyone: Good morning Bob!!

Himeko:(thinking to herself) Ah my beloved Bob...I want to steal your lips away.

H T Bob: Opean your textbooks, Page 72.

Himeko:(to herself) He has such a nice bottom...ahhh...a firm bottom...hehehe

Narrator: She slips off to another world - Hey Himeko!!
H T Bob: That's all for today class - good afternoon.

Himeko: (to herself) Ha!! Class is over already!! Time passes so quickly when I stare at Bob.
I didn't listen to this class at all, so I'll have to ask hime a lot of questions. Bob can I ask...!!!

Erika: (physically tackles Himeko)

SFX: impact and falling to the ground

Erika: Oh I'm so sorry I bumped you by mistake

Himeko: That woman!! It wasn't a mistake - it was on purpose!!

HT Bob: Are you OK Himeko?

Himeko: Yes I'm...

Erika: No problem... She's a tough girl because she was a professional wrestler in Japan.
She enjoys her pain.

HT Bob: Oh really?

Himeko:(quietly to Erika) Hey what are you talking about Erika?

Erika: Bob - look at me! Yesterday I bought a new camisole. (She shows him)

Himeko: (to herself) It's the same old tactic again. How can I get one up on her?
maybe taking off my clothes is a good idea. But in the meantime I'll try pulling up my sleeve and
stand on tiptoe to show off my belly button. How about that!!

School P.A. System: Himeko - you have a guest. Please come to the Teachers Room.

Himeko:(to herself) Oh...? WHat's this... who's the guest?

SFX: opening door to exit, running sounds

Erika:(whispers) Goodbye Himeko. You're navel is pretty good.(giggles)

SFX: running to Teachers Room

Narrator: She arrives at the Teachers Room

SFX: door opens, horror music

Himeko: Hello, I'm Himeko.

SFX: tea drinking

Guardian: Hello Himeko.

Himeko: Ggguardian!! Why are you here drinking tea at my school!?

Very scary Female Guardian: Someone called you here - it was me.
In fact yesterday I got a telephone call from somebody who said they were friend of yours.
I heard you aren't studying at all because you are too busy being a playgirl.

SFX: drinking tea

Guardian: So I came here to check up on you. Tell me what's happening Himeko.

Himeko:(confused) Ummm Ahh - I've really been concentrating in my class. Maybe too much
concentration... Ahhh it doesn't matter... Hahahaha... your tea looks tasty...

Guardian: Acoording to what your friend she said you're crazy about your home room teacher
Bob. You'll get pregnant just thinking about him - do you understand?

SFX: tea drinking

Himeko: What are you taking about - I don't know anything about this... hehehe

Guardian: You are already in trouble, and I'm really worried now that Christmas is coming up.

Himeko: What are you worried about - you don't have a boyfriend!! hehehe

Guardian: Your behaviour is unacceptable. If something happens I will tell your Japanese school
and your parents immediately, so don't have these shameful thoughts. Ohhh - when I was your
age... Oh dear... You're giving me a headche.

Himeko:(coughs) So... Good bye!!

SFX: door opens

Narrator: She runs off in a panic constantly looking back to check she's not being follwed.

SFX: running, bumps into X'mas tree, crash

Himeko: Gya!!!!

SFX: Tree falls onto the floor.
MUSIC interlude - Christmas Song

Himeko:(to herself) What!!! Who's put this Christmas tree in the middle of the floor?!
Ahhh(she sobs) this is the worst... Who told on me to the Guardian> I'll never forgive
them... it's getting really risky - help me Doraemon!!

Narrator Someone's shadow falls on Himeko's back. Is it a trap? A dark smile?
All around Christchrch flowers attempt to open but the sky is cloudy.

MUSIC theme to end


Naoko: Himeko's loving School Episode 3 was presented by....
(Naoko gives 13 names, 10 Japanese, 1 Korean, 1 Singaporean)
Next episode - Finally Christmas Eve is here!! When school closes where will Himeko go?
So listen out for Episode 4 - it's called "Bob's Golden Sweater."